For Land-Grant Universities Outside Ohio

Although developed for Ohio, the Real Money. Real World. curriculum is available for sale to land-grant university professionals across the nation. To maintain quality and a consistent look, Extension professionals are required to purchase the curriculum AND poster kit to provide the program. The kit includes:

19 plastic corrugated panels (22”x28”) that create the stand-alone posters used for the 14 spending simulation booths, a canvas carrying bag, and two CDs.

The comprehensive CD contains the 107-page curriculum:

  • Extension professional section
  • classroom teacher section
  • spending simulation coordinator section
  • materials for booth volunteers
  • slide sets for teaching all five classroom lessons. 

The second CD contains only what the teacher needs: the teacher section and five slide sets for classroom teaching. This CD can be duplicated for use by multiple teachers.

Extension professionals outside Ohio can purchase the RMRW kitIt is available for a flat rate of $350 (as of 2013) and must be shipped to a land-grant university office within the lower 48 states. The curriculum is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated. To order a kit, contact OSU Extension family and consumer sciences at 614-688-5378.