Virtual Program

RMRW youth


  • This time-tested and valued youth-financial literacy program will now be available online in the Canvas platform for virtual learning use!
  • Students will have access to the classroom lessons, as well as the spending simulation in Canvas. Through the use of videos throughout, the program remains engaging and interactive!
  • This virtual program was created using the updated content from the recent program update. You can expect to see updated costs, income, and services throughout the program and simulation.
  • The virtual program involves minimal startup costs, and a small fee to purchase a license for the course in Canvas for the Extension educator (only one is needed for each school!). This is a one-time fee, so once you purchase access to the course, you can use it as many times as you'd like with the school!



How Will It Work?

  • Once your program online course is setup, your students will request access using a webform that will be provided.
  • A course shell and a unique evaluation link will be created for you. You will also be provided with instructions for bringing your school on board, which will include items like getting students added to the roster, course organization and management, and more!
  • You will work with the school to administer the course with the support of a small state-level team who will ensure you have what you need to keep things moving forward!

New to Canvas? Don't worry! The virtual program will come with an instruction manual complete with steps to help you get started in Canvas, as well as for course management!